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Lost in a forest, lighted by the moon, you hear a strange shout, and you discover a campfire between 4 monoliths. A book opened is laying on the floor. Nobody here. But when you try to approach, the book looks like mooved by magic and comes directly in your hand. You can't drop it, or even leave the place. The only thing to do is to try the perform a weird ritual, hoping to be free when it will be done ...

... read, examine, test and think, in this short adventure game. Will you be the one who will succeed this challenge ?

I've just started making this game. I've missed the first two weeks of this gamejam ^^
D_O will be released at the end of october (I'll do my best for that)
Gameplay : only the mouse
Languages : english and french



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This game uses left and right mouse button. So you'll have to try, even if nothing tells you to do. Sometimes it does nothing, sometimes, it's needed. Just be curious, take your time and try, try again, and again. This game is not made for impatient people, but for the ones who love thing, look, listen and ... try.


Ce jeu utilise le clic droit et gauche de la souris. Souvent, lorsqu'un clic gauche ne fait plus rien, tenter un clic droit ne coûte pas grand chose. Vous devrez donc essayer pour voir si ça change quelque chose, même si rien ne vous dit de le faire. Parfois il ne se passera rien de particulier, par fois ce sera indispensable. Soyez donc curieux, prenez votre temps et essayez, essayez encore et encore. Ce jeu n'est pas fait pour les gesn impatients, mais s'adresse à ceux qui aiment réfléchir, observer, écouter et ... essayer.



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