A downloadable game for Windows

Game made for the Game Jam #MetaGameJam

This very short game is an experience more than a real game.

Created for the "Meta Game Jam", this short interactive adventure offers the player to control a guy stuck in an appartement of two rooms lost in space. There is not really a story, as you can imagine, and the universe of the game is deeply absurd : the interest of EnantiO is in the "point & click" aspect and the way to finish the game.

(quitting is not the way expected to win ! Be brave, resist !).

Release date Mar 25, 2018
Made withClickteam Fusion
TagsAbstract, madewithfusion, metagame, Point & Click
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French


EnantiO_fr.exe 12 MB
EnantiO_en.rar 11 MB

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Is it supposed to loop like that when you enter the second room after activating the microwave?

Yes. It loops, and you have to find a way to succeed without exit the game ^_^

Thanks, I managed t figure it out. It's a really creative puzzle, although, as someone else has pointed out, i feel the looping seems a bit too much like a glitch. My suggestion would be to have him state that he's "refusing to listen to you" afterwards, and then remain inactive, as i feel it would make it more apparent that it's whats supposed to be happening. Overall though, great game! One question though: What does he mean when he says he will be able to open the room safely by turning on the microwave? 

He just has destroyed the player's arrow by cooking it and leaving it locked in the microwave. So no risk for him to explose again ^_^


IT'S NOT LIKE I LIKED IT OR ANYTHING, but.please.guys.tell.me.you're.gonna.make.a.full.game.out.of.it

I can obviously try to make the experiment a little longer, by proposing a short sequel of the same kind. But that will not make it a complete game, as long as the logic and the universe of this project are specifically related to the theme of GameJam. I will see in the few next weeks, if I add or not some elements in this regard. Something to extend the experience (because it is indeed quite short, and the sudden arrival of the end is quite frustrating), and take the opportunity to correct some English mistakes and integrate a little more clues to solve puzzles. So, thank you for your interest in this project, and the motivation you bring in aim to make it a better experience for the players.