A downloadable game for Windows

Where am I ?
Who are you ?
What can I do ?

A mysterious cramped place that requires a lot of patience and cogitation ^_^ It's mostly an experience/experimentation where the player is the cobaye : will you be able to reach the end ?

IMPORTANT : Be warned that nothing help you to understand what to do and why You'll have to figure out by yourself ... because everything has to be done in order.

Strange very short puzzle game made for three simultaneous gamejams at the end of august 2020.
- Strange Secret and Deep Lore (theme like the name of the gamejam)
- YAZJam (graphic shape theme)
- Summer Slow August 2020 ("Don't let it out" theme)

Arrows to move
Space, A or/and B to interact as asked
Number pad + Enter (to enter code)

I hope you'll enjoy play this game as much as I have stressed to make it ^_^
Beware : intentional frustrating/neurotic gamplay & challenge ... like moving invisible obstacle zones, random quit to Windows desktop, hard challenge where any mistake will force you to restart the whole game, ...

Observe, understand, test, start over, accept the inevitable, always with patience, humility, stubbornness, precision and sometimes (but not very often) a little haste.

(Observez, comprenez, testez, recommencez, acceptez l'inéluctable, toujours avec patience, humilité, obstination, précision et parfois (mais pas très souvent) un peu d'empressement)

(English only, but few texts on screen. Easy to understand)


Install instructions

Just inzip the file and launch the "exe"
No installation needed : no desinstallation needed too (just delete the file)


N³Vr0Z.zip 84 MB

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