(Download version is better than html one)

A crazy engineer made a machine
which created an opaque holographic surface
between the sun and the earth :
an artificial eclipse is born, depriving the planet of light.

Police managed to stop him
but the machine that could stop everything cannot be found.
The engineer confessed that it is at his home,
a little house he like to call his "Yggdrasil".
well hidden and too difficult for most people to be understood.

He agreed to speak because he knows that there is
only 5 minutes before the hologram gets too far away
in space to be reached and stopped by the machine,
plunging the Earth into darkness for a complete year.

Your role is to find the machine and activate it
 to destroy the eclipse all before the deadline.

The machine creates a time loop around it
which will allow you to carry out your mission
as many times as necessary to be faster as possible,
failure bringing back 5 minutes before,
at the first start of the mission.
(in this version, you'll have to collect every item again)

Video game made in 3 weeks for the #yazjam2
Themes :
- 5 minutes lifetime
-  who are you / where do you live
- tree of life
- eclipse
- every sound has a mouth-made base

A YAZ-Mode makes it possible to get rid of the imperative of the 5-minute stopwatch for the downloadable PC version of this game.
If you see that you can't do it for this reason alone:
Hold down Ctrl, then press Y, then A, then Z.
Normally, the stopwatch has disappeared!
Enjoy this magical gift from Simon to the chrono's refractories

Hints / tips:

- to pick objects, you need a place to store them in aim to transport them
- the house is made up like the Yggdrasil tree of life, where each room has its rightful place
- do not hesitate to take the time to try everything, in all places: the game will be identical each time, and the player will only focus on what has brought him something positive
- be careful to note all the clues in the game. On the way down, there is no turning back ...



(la version téléchargeable est plus aboutie que la version html)

Un ingénieur fou a fait une machine
qui a créé une surface holographique opaque
entre le soleil et la terre : une éclipse artificielle
est née, privant la planète de lumière.

La police a réussi à l'arrêter, mais la machine qui pourrait tout arrêter est introuvable.
L'ingénieur a avoué qu’elle est chez lui dans une petite maison
qu'il aime appeler "son Yggdrasil", bien cachée et
trop difficile à comprendre pour la plupart des gens.

Il a accepté de parler parce qu'il sait qu'il ne reste que 5 minutes
avant que l'hologramme ne s'éloigne trop
dans l'espace pour être atteint et arrêté par la machine,
plongeant la Terre dans les ténèbres pendant une année.

Votre rôle est de trouver la machine et de 
l'activer pour détruire l'éclipse avant le délai imparti.

Cette machine crée une boucle temporelle autour d'elle
qui vous permettra de mener à bien votre mission
autant de fois que nécessaire pour gagner en rapidité
et efficacité, tout échec ramenant 5 minutes avant,
au premier stade de la mission.
(dans cette version, vous devrez récupérer à nouveau tous les objets)

Un YAZ-Mode permet de se défaire de l'impératif du chrono des 5 minutes pour la version PC téléchargeable de ce jeu.
Si vous voyez que vous n'y arrivez pas pour cette seule raison :
Maintenir appuyé sur Ctrl, puis appuyer sur Y, puis A, puis Z.
Normalement, le chrono a disparu !
Profitez bien de ce cadeau magique de la part de Simon aux réfractaires des chronos.

Jeu vidéo réalisé en 3 semaines pour la #yazjam2
Thèmes :
- durée de jeu : 5 minutes
- qui es-tu / où vis-tu
- arbre de vie
- eclipse
- tout l'audio est réalisé via des sons de bouche enregistrés

Indices / conseils :

- pour récupérer des objets, il faut un endroit où les ranger pour les transporter
- la maison est constituée comme l'arbre de vie Yggdrasil, où chaque pièce a sa bonne place
- ne pas hésiter à prendre le temps de tout essayer, dans toutes les lieux : le jeu sera identique à sa reprise, et le joueur pourra ne focaliser que sur ce qui lui a apporté quelque chose
- attention de noter tous les indices dans le jeu. En descendant il n'y a plus de retour possible


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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withClickteam Fusion
Tags2D, clickteam, Drawing, Game Jam, madewithfusion, yazorius

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C'est un bon petit jeu, avec quelques difficultés, mais pas insurmontables.

It's a good little game, with some difficulties, but not insurmountable.

Very interesting game, well done! The graphics are very unique and add to the quirky feeling of the game that is matched with the score and sound fx! This game definitely used the restriction of the sound to it's benefit, and the credit song is very funny and my favorite part haha! I must admit however that I have not yet managed to make it past the door with the password, but maybe I will be able to progress eventually.

Again, well done, especially in the sound design!

Interesting game! I'm still stuck on the password, but I also spent a little time on the game. I immediately turned on YAZ-Mode, because I realized that I would not be able to cope in 5 minutes. I also do not like time in quests, here I want to enjoy the environment, think calmly. And your game has something to enjoy: graphics, music. So far, the only thing you can find fault with is turning off the music or making it quieter for the "musical" riddle (when you remember and reproduce).

I will definitely come back to the game and try to get through.

Good luck =)

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Hi !

As stipulated in the description of the gamejam to which my game was submitted, any person making a video or leaving a comment during the voting time (the month of September) is eligible to choose (if they wish) a Steam game in a specific list.

Gamejam's description link:

Game List Link:

You have, as you left here a constructive comment, the possibility of choosing a free game. For that you can indicate the title to me on Discord (Yazorius # 1106), or on Twitter (@ YAZORIUS). If you do not wish to benefit from your reward, do not hesitate to specify it by answering anyway.

And thank you for your comment ^^

I loved the art style, super unique and it really made me understand how the house was layed out. It was a bit frustrating not knowing I had to have the suitcase to interact with items, but I still managed to beat it with no resets, so I guess it's fine.
Great game!

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Hi !

Like for E1e5en, as stipulated in the description of the gamejam to which my game was submitted, any person making a video or leaving a comment during the voting time (the month of September) is eligible to choose (if they wish) a Steam game in a specific list.

Gamejam's description link: https://itch.io/jam/yazjam2

Game List Link: https://itch.io/jam/yazjam2/topic/1619906/liste-des-jeux-steam-steam-games-list

You have, as you left here a constructive comment, the possibility of choosing a free game. For that you can indicate the title to me on Discord (Yazorius # 1106), or on Twitter (@ YAZORIUS). If you do not wish to benefit from your reward, do not hesitate to specify it by answering anyway.

And thank you too for your comment ^_^

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How I LOVED and HATED this game at the same time!! The ideas and puzzles are some of the best I've seen in a while, and I found them clever in many ways. But having to solve them with the temporal loop of 5 minutes was... how to say... irritating! During all the time I played to periApZYs (many hours over 4 days!!), I stayed stuck, pested, then made progress, and stayed stuck again. A big part of the solution has to be guessed and is never really given, but you have everything at your disposal to find out. So you have to do all the connexions, and that is really challenging with the credits showing every 5 minutes. And when you finally access the hidden areas and reach the final machine, you think that you are finally rewarded for all of your efforts. But you didn't anticipate the fact that a last and challenging puzzle was awaiting there!! And unfortunately I've never been able to solve the 2nd part of the final puzzle with the green glowing spots...

So yeah, I loved but hated this game, and even if I didn't succeed to finish it, it will remain in my memories as one of the most amazing Myst-style experiences ever. It's true that the game doesn't shine by it's ergonomy, gameplay and graphics, but everything is neat, done with passion and a lot of care to details. Even the music is great, if you consider the fact that the theme of the jam was to make all the audio with mouth only! And when I listen to the tracks, they just sound as if they were made of some kind of weird instruments, but certainly not with mouth! And the result sounds good, I like it. I could say much more about this game, but honestly try it and you'll understand. Just be aware that you won't be taken by the hand and that you will never be helped to progress. It's up to you and your brain aptitudes to solve this crazy experience. Honestly I'd love to see a full game based on this, a kind of 3d remake with more modern technology to help convince more players to give it a try. There's a huge potential in periApZYs! If I had the time and money, I would create the remake myself. I'm really fascinated by what Yaz has created in 3 weeks... Well done! I certainly don't get out of it indifferent, and I think that's the mark of a good game!