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This game (in French and English, automatically recognized) is to the glory of two games: Zork Nemesis and The 7th Guest. It takes up some elements / concepts in order to do them honor in a very brief adventure which reserves despite some good moments of reflection.

Realized in 15 days of hard work, it offers an initiation (for neophytes) or a pilgrimage (for connoisseurs) which, I hope, will make everyone want to dive back into the two referent universes for Projet-Z.

The adventure being quite short, no save system has been implemented (and does not need to be). The gameplay is played entirely with the mouse. Only the "escape" key allows you to return to the menu to exit.

(as a French developer, I designed my game in French, then translated it. Unfortunately, my skills in English are not at their best, and it is very likely that there are many inaccuracies, errors and other blunders in my translated texts. To that, thank you for not sticking it out, knowing that I did my best to offer an English version on my own, instead of releasing a game only in french)

FR :

Ce jeu (en français et anglais, automatiquement reconnu) est à la gloire de deux jeux : Zork Nemesis et The 7th Guest. Il en reprend quelques éléments/concepts afin de leur faire honneur dans une très brève aventure qui réserve malgré tout quelques bons moments de réflexion.

Réalisé en 15 jours intensifs, il propose une initiation (pour les néophytes) ou un pèlerinage (pour les connaisseurs) qui, je l'espère, donnera envie de replonger dans les deux univers référents pour Projet-Z.

L'aventure étant assez courte, aucun système de sauvegarde n'a été implémenté (et n'a besoin de l'être). Le gameplay se joue intégralement à la souris. Seule la touche "échap" permet de revenir au menu pour quitter.



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Great puzzles, and narration on point. If you were to somehow improve this masterpiece I'd be amazed.

Thank you for playing my game. It was a real pleasure to discover your way of playing to it, as well as your channel which I immediately subscribed to. It's rare to see people motivated to try projects from game jams or really independent games, and I can only advise everyone to discover your Twich/Youtube channel to enjoy its content and follow you live.

I mentioned in the stream, Zork Nem. was my first PC game purchase! I love this!

Hope to see you again soon on Twitch. Wishing you the best for this end of the year. And thank you again for always answering my call, and playing the games I created.